Голосование за био Финнегана

На официальном сайте МХ до 31 января открыто голосование по пунктам био для Финнегана Уэйка, который ранее также в результате голосования получил право стать куклой в 2015 году.

Ссылка на голосование на русском сайте:

Freaky Flaw
I’m a scaredevil who doesn’t like to be told, “That’s too dangerous.” Though, sometimes I may dive in headfirst too quickly!I’m addicted to adrenaline. Love the rush that comes with racing through the Catacombs or wheeling around the SKRM track!
Favorite Food
It may be a scary-bit cliché since I’m a merman, but sushi and seaweed salad are my faves.Kelp smoothies with protein boosts. They taste spoketastic and give me lots of energy so I’m always ready to roll (pun intended)!
Favorite Activity
I’m not a sit around kind of dude. I love extreme sports, especially Skultimate Roller Maze.When I’m not wheeling around school in my chair, you can find me working out in the school pool, at Gloom Beach or in the ocean. Water workouts really keep my fins fit.
Killer Style
My blue mohawk and clawesome tats may say punk rocker, but my fierce fashions are scary-cool race wear.I like to be ready to get my wheels rolling at all times, so I always wear something athletic, but that doesn’t mean my lurk isn’t legit.
I grew up with a sea turtle who moved about as fast as a zombie. He still lives at home with my parents.A ghost cheetah would be my skultimate pet, because they’re the fastest creature in the monster world…but they’re too wild to be tamed.
Pet Peeve
Monsters who think that because I’m in a chair, my handicap will hold me back. I may be a fish out of water, but I know what I can—and can’t—do.Monsters who walk, drive or just move slow. I’m a monster with a need for speed.

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2015-01-20 в 23:18 

Боишься - не делай, делаешь - не бойся. (с)
Забавный какой )))

2015-01-21 в 02:03 

Суши? Опять? Уже третьего поедателя суши не хватало!

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