Промо кукол Ghoul Spirit и Art Class

Промо кукол Ghoul Spirit и Art Class с Амазона.

Ghoul Spirit BDF07

Monster High Ghoul Spirit Collection: The Ghouls of Monster High are showing their school spirit. Frankie Stein doll is showing her monster spirit decked out in schoolgirl plaid and the Monster High logo. Her shoes - one blue and one black - are killer touches and the giant hand she sports indicates she thinks their teams are number one. Venus McFlytrap doll will captivate audiences with her bullhorn and her vine-forward fashion sense. The neon-colored pattern in her pink-trimmed miniskirt is mirrored in her Monster High school t-shirt with its shredded edges. Pink peep-toe boots and vine-climbing bracelets are to-die-for accessories. Spectra Vondergeist doll will haunt opponents in her boo-tiful fashion. The chain-link print on the skirt matches the trim on the Monster High logoed bodice. She carries a pom pom to show her ghoul pride. Its pink matches her killer shoes with their molded texture and chain-link ankle strap. Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch doll has managed to amp up his energy for some ghoul spirit. He's ready to lumber about in long stitched shorts and a Monster High t-shirt. He wears ankle sneakers and carries a team flag. Scare 'em, team, scare 'em.

Frankie Stein BDF08

Venus McFlytrap BDF09

Spectra Vondergeist BDF10

Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch BGD87

Art Class BDF11

Monster High Art Class Doll Collection: Art class really helps to paint a picture. The ghouls of Monster High are showing off their unique artistic talents - and looking picture-perfect themselves. Choose from Draculaura, Abbey Bominable, Skelita Calaveras and Robecca Steam dolls. Draculaura doll focuses on self-portraits in a Picasso style - maybe because she can't see her own reflection. She's completing her latest piece, which she's stored in a stylish pink frame. Her outfit is equally to die in her signature colors of pink and black with bright touches of yellow. Abbey Bominable doll likes to work with one of her favorite "materials" - ice. Equipped with her trusty blue chainsaw, she's created a gorgeous ice castle that will rule the class - until it "melts," of course. She looks equally cool in a "fur"-trimmed dress with a chilling print and magnificent icicle belt. Skelita Calaveras doll's favorite class is art and she's throwing quite the pottery. Her skull-shaped pottery wheel - loaded with "clay" - actually spins for an extra killer touch. Her outfit is equally to die for with pink lacy trim, a bright print on black and a lively orange belt. Robecca Steam doll is a metal-smith extraordinaire who wields her blowtorch with energetic artistry. The welded clock creature she's created is absolutely riveting. Robecca doll comes alive in a print jumper with purple ruffle hem and a purple striped shirt. Dolls also come with a signature-style brush, art-themed piece count and character-specific diary.

Draculaura BDF12

Abbey Bominable BDF13

Skelita Calaveras BDF14

Robecca Steam BDD79

School Accessory BDD81

Home Ick Classroom BDD82

Hands-on experience is the best method for educating ghouls, so their classrooms offer lots of opportunity for claws-on learning. When you enter Home Ick class, you enter a kitchen with killer style. The coffin-shaped fridge, with its four shelves, is the perfect place to store ingredients and finished products. Open the clear door with its etched Monster High logo to grab a beaker of goop or jar of pickled eyeballs. Use the counter to set ingredients, the mixing bowl, utensils and open recipe book (molded on its stand) while working. Tools fit on the Monster High dolls’ hands (dolls sold separately). “Wash” dishes in the sink with its dragon-shaped spout while the eyeball bundt cake bakes in the oven (also featuring a working door). Set the mouth-watering treat on its stand to admire and serve when done. Have a seat in one of two tall stools to taste - and grade - the spooktacular results. Monsteriffic touches include web-shaped burners, Skullette-shaped “knobs” on the oven and web details on the stools. It’ll be grade-A cooking for sure! Set includes the stove with counter top and sink, coffin refrigerator, two stools, one recipe book on stand, one pitcher of goop, one jar of pickled eyeballs, one boiling pot of goop, one egg carton, one mixing bowl, two cooking utensils, one eyeball cake on stand and one eyeball cake bundt pan. Dolls are sold separately.

Art Class Studio BDD83

Hands-on experience is the best method for educating ghouls, so their classrooms offer lots of opportunity for claws-on learning. When you enter Art Class, you enter a studio with killer style. Stations include painting, pottery and ice carving. Create enchanting art with spooktacular still life models at the skeleton easel - a monsteriffic piece is already in progress. Rest the Skullette paint palette on the table while “rinsing” brushes in the table’s inset cup. Have a seat in the “boned” chair while throwing the vase in the pottery wheel. Fire it up in the kiln with its shelf and working door. Take the chainsaw and chisel to the ice on the counter of the kiln to create one cool three-piece sculpture - the jigsaw sections open to reveal a to-die-for Skullette bust in ice. The tools will fit on Monster High dolls’ hands (dolls sold separately). Then set the finished work on the webbed shelving above the counter to admire. The ghouls are sure to create “monsterpieces” in this class. Includes kiln with shelf, skeleton easel with painting, skeleton hand chair, one vase with pottery wheel, one brush, one pen, one Skullette paint palette, one bowl of gooey eyeballs, one clump of three apples with worms, one ice sculpture, one hammer and one chisel. Dolls sold separately.

@темы: Venus McFlytrap, Spectra Vondergeist, Sloman 'Slo Mo' Mortavitch, Skelita Calaveras, Robecca Steam, Ghoul Spirit, Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Art Class, Abbey Bominable

2013-11-19 в 13:43 

Тень от Половины Пятого
чистота и диктатура
Очень красивая Спектра. Просто очень.

2013-11-19 в 15:51 

Miss Carrot
Все мы здесь не в своём уме...
Только вот интересно им лениво было ей туфли новые придумать?

2013-11-19 в 19:13 

На обложке дневника Скелиты допустили ошибку с фамилей? Вместо Calaveras написали Calveras.

2013-11-19 в 19:45 

"Тех кто решил все свои проблемы, обычно несут уже на кладбище..."
Макияж у френки романтичный, хоть и не подходит под одежду. А тени у Венеры просто блеск))) Спектра вызывает противоречивые чувстсва, макияж интересный, одежда не пойми чего.

2013-11-19 в 22:46 

Вот точно, противоречивые чувства, причем у меня они почти по отношению ко всем... Пока собираюсь только Слоу Мо покупать, остальные вроде не особенно нужны.
upda-laca, у реальной куклы на книжечке все правильно написано:

2013-11-20 в 01:13 

Чтобы тебя любили, приходится быть со всеми хорошим каждый день. Чтобы ненавидели — напрягаться не приходится вообще.(с)
Спектра в коробке на старом молде, а на промо - новый.
Чую, кукла будет на старом.

2013-11-20 в 10:07 

Miss Carrot
Все мы здесь не в своём уме...
.Ephemera., объясните пожалуйста слоупоку чем старый от нового отличаются?

2013-11-20 в 21:03 

Miss Carrot, щеками отличаются, у нового молда щеки менее впалые. Очень наглядных фото не нашла, но вот, слева Picture Day с новым молдом, справа базовая со старым (почему-то очень желтая):
Spectra face mold comparison

И та же Picture Day в сравнении с горошковой, которая на старом молде:
Spectra face mold comparison

2013-11-20 в 22:29 

Miss Carrot
Все мы здесь не в своём уме...
оо, ясно! Спасибо пояснили. Я где то тут читала что Китай на старых молдах производит, а Индонезия вроде на новых это правда? А то мне она из-за щек и нравится.

2013-11-20 в 23:01 

Чтобы тебя любили, приходится быть со всеми хорошим каждый день. Чтобы ненавидели — напрягаться не приходится вообще.(с)
Miss Carrot, это правда. У китайской ещё и более жёлтый пластик и конечности не такие прозрачные, с желтизной.
Вот мои сравнения:
Базовая - Китай, старый молд.

Spectras by Kitsune_lis, on Flickr
Горошковая - старый молд.

Spectras by Kitsune_lis, on Flickr
По краям - новый молд

Spectras by Kitsune_lis, on Flickr

Итого, суммируя по выпускам:

Старый молд:
Dot Dead Gorgeous
Dead Tired
13 Wishes (Haunt the Casbah)
Ghoul Spirit (?)

Новый молд:
Базовая перевыпуск
Picture Day
Ghouls Night Out

2013-11-20 в 23:10 

.Ephemera., отличная подборка, и вообще обобщили информацию :bravo: Теперь с вопросами по молдам Спектры можно будет сюда отправлять)))

2013-11-20 в 23:13 

Чтобы тебя любили, приходится быть со всеми хорошим каждый день. Чтобы ненавидели — напрягаться не приходится вообще.(с)
Letice, да не за что:D

2013-11-21 в 10:03 

Miss Carrot
Все мы здесь не в своём уме...
спасибо огромное!!!

2013-12-08 в 19:13 

Очень понравились Венера с Эбби. Куплю их, если получится.
Спектра разочаровала, если честно. Выглядит, по-моему, плохо. =(

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