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Monster High Class Room Two Pack
Homework can be such a monster, but it's always easier with a study partner! These ghouls have paired up to help each other ace their hairy classes. Making a great combination of fire and ice, Heath Burns and Abbey Bominable are ready to sew up Home Ick class in already-fashionable fashions. BFFs (beast friends forever) Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps will stay safe wearing creep-tastic goggles and lab coats as they concoct solutions and super grades in Mad Science class. Each pack includes 2 dolls and themed accessories. Dolls cannot stand alone.

Monster High Ghouls Night Out
Nighttime is a ghoul's favorite time, and these Monster High students are ready for a fang-tastic night out on the town! The fun starts with a killer outfit, and these ghouls look spook-tacular! Rochelle Goyle rocks, Lagoona Blue makes a splash and Spectra Vondergeist haunts. They are going to have a monster good time! Each doll comes dressed in a themed outfit with purse, iCoffin and makeup compact so they look their best all night long! Dolls cannot stand alone.

Monster High Footwear Doll Collection
Like any fashionable ghoul, the students of Monster High love their shoes! Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura are ready to share their shoe secrets, opening up their closets to showcase their favorite pairs! Includes doll and assortment of shoes.

Monster High 13 Wishes Haunt The Casbah
Play it again because it's time for a dance party - Moroccan style! The ghouls of Monster High have been inspired to haunt the kasbah and are dolled up in to-die-for Moroccan-inspired fashions! Their over-the-top outfits are spook-tacularly accessorized with themed jewelry and gold detailing in their hair. Each doll comes with a fun lantern accessory to help create an even more boo-tiful night! Choose from an electric Frankie Stein, a fierce Clawdeen Wolf or a fang-tastic Draculaura.

Monster High 13 Wishes Basic Doll Series - Set of 4
Howleen Wolf discovers a genie lamp and turns Monster High upside down! Monster madness ensues, particularly when poor Lagoona Blue is turned into a freshwater sea monster! But along the way, the ghouls make two new friends and possible BFFs (beast friends forever, of course!): Gigi and Tewyla. Gigi is the daughter of the Genie, and so she must grant the wishes of her finder - whether good or bad! Daughter of the Boogie Man, Twyla is not what she seems. Often shy and misunderstood, she hides under normies' beds to capture their nightmares rather than adding to them like her dad. It's spook-tacular entertainment! Doll comes with pet, diary, brush, doll stand and character-specific accessories.

Monster High Playset 13 Wishes Party Room With Spectra Vondergeist
Howleen Wolf discovers a genie lamp and turns Monster High upside down! Monster madness ensues, particularly when poor Lagoona Blue is turned into a freshwater sea monster! But along the way, the ghouls make two new friends and possible BFFs (beast friends forever, of course!). The 13 Wishes Room party is a great place for them all to fang out. It's one of Spectra Vondergeist doll's favorite places - she loves to haunt the room listening for ghostly gossip, and she looks absolutely boo-tiful doing it! When it's time to monster mash, girls dock their iPod and electrify the entertainment! Includes doll, the accessory/iPod dock and a themed piece-count.

Monster High Playset The Oasis With Cleo De Nile
Howleen Wolf discovers a genie lamp and turns Monster High upside down! Monster madness ensues, particularly when poor Lagoona Blue is turned into a freshwater sea monster! This desert Oasis is the perfect spot to get away from it all. The ghouls can fang out, enjoying the cabana, Jacuzzi and fire pit. Lounge chairs and palm trees complete the landscape along with a themed piece-count perfect for monster fun in the sun. Cleo de Nile, who feels right at home, is ready to unwrap and soak up some rays. It'll be a fang-tastic time! Set includes Cleo de Nile doll, cabana, jacuzi, palm trees, lounge chairs, fire pit, 1 pair of shoes and other themed accessories.

Monster High Music Festival
Ghouls like to groove, and a music festival is sure to be a howling good time! Each of these music-lovers is dressed to express their favorite genre. Venus McFlytrap doll will draw others in with her hip plunk attitude and dress - that's plant punk, for the uninitiated. Clawdeen Wolf doll is ready to rock and roar in an R&B-inspired jumpsuit, looking fierce - as always! And Abbey Bominable defines cool in an outfit that celebrates the music associated with Himalayan heritage. Each doll carries a VIP badge to get them backstage. Dolls cannot stand alone.

Monster High Picture Day Series 02
The ghouls of Monster High are glamming it up for picture day with freaky fabulous looks! Armed with their Fearbook journals and picture day stickers, they can swap, trade and store the photographic memories. Each doll sports a fiercely fashionable new outfit incorporating details and accessories that celebrate her unique personality and style.

Monster High Dead Tired Figures Series 02
After a long week at school, the girls are dead tired and in need of a little rest and relaxation. What better way to unwind than with a sleepover and some scary fun ghoul time? Robecca Steam Lagoona Blue and Spectra Vondergeist are ready to gossip, giggle and get some booo-ty sleep. Includes doll with eye mask, Dead Tired outfit and accessory for the sleepover.

Monster High Playset Die-Ner With Draculaura
Who's hungry? Not one who enjoys classic food, Draculaura has opened a die-ner to offer a menu designed to please the ghouls of Monster High. Classic items include bat-winged tomato soup with grilled cheese, milkshakes and a ghost pie (that sits boo-tifully on the cake stand). Hungry die-ners can fang out at the iCounter in a tombstone stool or on a bench at the coffin-shaped table. The spook-tacular decor features a counter with oven and grill behind it, dangling signage decorated with a Skullete detail, a clock on top of the counter and a mini-Tombbox (jukebox). The food is to die for - and to pay for, at the register before you go! Boo appetit!

Monster High Create A Monster Color Me Creepy Design Chamber
Ghouls can customize and personalize their very own monster doll from fang to toe with the Create-A-Monster Design Chamber! It comes with all the clawesome tools needed to add detail to the monster's hair, clothing and skin, like a heat tool, ice tool and a spritzer. Ghouls can take full advantage of new color-change transformational capabilities to create unique, scary cool monsters. And when the experiment is done and the monster released, everything fits into the chamber for easy storage and portability! Set includes the chamber, 1 chamber chair, 1 heat tool, 1 ice tool, 1 spritzer, 1 detailing sponge, 1 color-change wig, 1 color-change fashion, 1 pair of shoes, extra body parts to mix and match, monster pieces for more detail, 1 color-change tumbler and 1 color-change beaker.

Monster High Create A Monster Color Me Creepy Starter Pack
Design Starter Assortment*: With Create-A-Monster sets, ghouls can build and decorate their own unique monsters, just like those at Monster High! The Monster High Create-A-Monster Starter Packs provide all the body parts, fashions and tools needed to create unique, scary cool ghouls. Color-change details add a new twist, expanding the possibilities! Each starter pack includes one full monster doll with color-change features on the face, arms, hands and lower legs. Modify the look using the included pen tools. A color-change wig and thermochromatic fashion amplify the transformation. Finish the look with fangtastic accessories! Includes monster doll, 1 pair of ears, wig, fashion, 1 pair of shoes, a cooling pen, friction pen, Skullette beaker, arm and leg cuffs and a doll stand.

Monster High Fall Classic Accessory
The ghouls of Monster High each have their beautifying routines to ensure they always look fierce! Without her booo-ty night's sleep, Spectra Vondergeist can really become a beast! But she sleeps like the dead in her floating bed that features wrought iron and chain details, an overhead canopy and a swivel television attached to the front. Side candles, a side table, a striped pillow and chain link-print blanket add comforting touches. If something is haunting her sleep, however, she can write in her diary, use her iTomb, try a soothing drink or snuggle with her pet Ruen, who has his own bed too. Lagoona Blue cleans up nicely in her shower that celebrates her watery ancestry with a seashell base, jellyfish showerhead, tentacle piping and shower curtain printed with a haunted sea. The faucet handle swivels and a small tub is perfect for her pet Neptuna.

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