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Gilda Goldstag

Несколько фото Гильды с Таобао.

И Клео из того же сета:

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We Are Monster High

Промо нового 5-пэка с сайта ирландского Аргос, где открыто резервирование на него (€91.99). Набор представляет студенческий совет МХ, в который входят президент Сломан Слоу Мо Мортавич, вице-президент Лагуна Блю, общественный председатель Клео де Найл, секретарь Скара Скримс и казначей Гильда Голдстаг (которая в описании названа "кодовым именем" Голда).

Фото крупным планом с сайта Target.

Фото с Таобао в качестве комментария-сравнения, две головы Скары, слева Fusion-Inspired Ghouls, справа как раз We Are Monster High:

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Gilda Goldstag и Wydowna Spider

На официальном сайте МХ появлялись био Вайдоны и Гильды (сейчас что-то уже не видно, хотя в продаже есть темы этих персонажей). Гильда оказалась дочерью Керинейской лани. И интересно, что профильный арт Вайдоны соответствует ее еще не вышедшей кукле I ♥ Fashion.

Gilda Goldstag
Daughter of The Golden Hind
Age: 16 in Golden Hind years

- Clawesome lunch with Venus McFlytrap today. We sat outside under the oldest living tree at Monster High.

Friends: 2 pins (Venus McFlytrap™, Jane Boolittle™)
Freaky Flaw: I guess I’m a bit on the nervous side, especially when it comes to sudden loud noises. They make me want to run first and find out what the noise was second.
Favorite Food: Wild berry and clover smoothies. I could unlive on them.
Favorite Activity: I love to sit next to a quiet shady pool and read a good book. It’s so calm, peaceful and totally free of running.
Killer Style: I love the neutral colors of nature! When you’re running through the deep forest you learn to love styles that are sleek and eye- catching as opposed to frilly and branch-catching.
Pet: Growing up in the wild, my first friends were animals so I never thought about wanting to have a creature as a “pet.”
Pet Peeve: I hate it when monsters challenge me to race. It’s embarrassing…for them and I don’t like showing up my friends.

Wydowna Spider
Daughter of Arachne
Age: 16

- Just spun an extra-soft web so I can take the beast afternoon nap ever!

Friends: 2 pins (Ghoulia Yelps®, Clawdeen Wolf®)
Freaky Flaw: I’m such a multi-tasker that sometimes I can get totally burned out. I don’t even realize it until I find myself curled up into a ball wondering how I got so tired ''all of a sudden.''
Favorite Food: Fonboo is my fave because with six arms I can do sweet and savory at the same time.
Favorite Activity: I love lending helping hands to my friends by taking their ideas and bringing them to unlife with my illustration and sewing skills. Since I’m really a fan ghoul at hearts, it’s scary cool that they trust me with their visions.
Killer Style: I like to call my style rock ‘n’ roll geek. I love to get wrapped up in spikes, studs and colors that totally scream. It may look intimidating but my hearts are as soft as silk.
Pet: Shoo is my pet fly. She’s always supplying me with buzz-worthy moments.
Pet Peeve: Can every monster just stop with the black widow thing? It’s just as unfunny the thousandth time as it was the first, and it really gets my web in a tangle.

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